Classic Pillar Candles

32 products

Classic pillar candles are just perfect for everyday use. They can be blended in...

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Rustic Pillar and Ball Candles

70 products

Rustic candles are undoubtedly the most attractive candles on the market, partly thanks to...

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Outdoor Candles

35 products

Unscented outdoor candles in trendy colours to light up your outdoor garden and table....

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Dish Candles

9 products

Light up your outdoor area with easy-to-use dish candles. Thanks to their special wicks...

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Taper & Dinner Candle Collection

9 products

These taper candles have become a classic. Many generations have used them on special...

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Scented Pillar Candles

24 products

Scented pillars are our classic candles. You can light them again and again day...

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Citronella Candle Collection

34 products

The ultimate blend of ambience and comfort Introducing a captivating assortment of Citronella candles...

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Scented Tablet Melts & Burners

13 products

Perfumes are everywhere, we love to personalize our homes with fresh, relaxing, fruity and...

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Table Collection

23 products

With 8 different designs in this coordinated table collection, featuring the same design on the 3...

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Candle Holders

17 products

We have an extensive range of tealight candle holders from the plain transparent tealight...

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Unscented Glass Jar Candles

28 products

Our unscented glass candle collection is extensive, glass candles are a great way yo...

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Scented Glass Jars

52 products

Scented Candles in glass. Glass gives an extra dimension to a candle. That's why...

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Modular Cube Candles

9 products

Cube candles are small modular candle units which can be combined according to personal...

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Scented Tin Candles

6 products

Have you ever dreamt of being surrounded by flowers. Our City Garden Candle consists...

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Scented Tealight Candles

73 products

It’s hardly surprising that scented candles are becoming more and more popular all the...

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Unscented Tealight Candles

7 products

Tealights or waxine lights are an essential element of every living room. Thanks to...

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Scented Candles Moments of Life

50 products

Life’s different experiences can be inspiring, wherever or whatever they are - a walk...

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